Saturday, March 14, 2009


I've been on a smoothie kick this week, as well as a grilled cheese sandwich one. On Wednesday, I made the first grilled cheese sandwich that I had made in years and had half for breakfast and the other half with chicken wings for dinner. On Friday, I wised up and made only a half sandwich for breakfast. The trouble was that I got distracted and burned the damn thing. Though successful on my second try, it defeated the purpose making a half-sandwich. I made another half (without burning) and polished if off with some leftover chicken chili for dinner, mmmmhhmm.

Back to the smoothies, which I first decided to make as a vitamin C kick to my cold:

1. Tuesday (p.m.) - Mango and orange juice
 - Yummy! I remember why I love smoothie. Wished that I had a banana.

2. Wednesday (a.m.) - rest of the smoothie from the night before.
- There was about a small juice glass full left. Good way to kick-start the a.m., especially after sleeping for 10 hrs.

3. Wednesday (p.m.) - peaches, orange juice, (banana?)
- Peaches weren't as sweet as the mango, so I was somewhat disappointed with this one. I also was stingy on the OJ, which is why there wasn't much left for breakfast.

4. Thursday (a.m.) - rest of the smoothie from the night before--very little left.

5. Thursday (p.m.) - strawberries, peaches, blueberries, orange juice, a little water to thin it out without too much orange flavor
- Still tart; again wished that I had added a banana.

6. Friday (a.m.) - rest of the smoothie from the night before
- Didn't make another smoothie for dinner the blender still needed soaking and the dishwasher was full. I think may also have been fever-ish as I remember chugging lots of water.

7. Saturday (a.m.) - strawberries, blueberries, banana, orange joice.
- Very good. I'm thinking of drinking what's left in the blender, rather than saving it for later.

It's shortly after noon and I've been up and online for about 2 hours...without coffee. I thought about brewing a pot while I was making my smoothie and making breakfast (two eggs, sunny-side, atop a toasted english muffin sprinkled with mixed cheddar/colby cheese), but decided that I didn't feel like it. Now I believe I'm feeling the beginnings of the dull ache of a caffeine headache, so I'd best attend to the situation.

More later as I've been reading random blogs....

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