Friday, February 10, 2012

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Friday. Here's great chocolate cinnamon roll recipe that I found from The Naptime Chef. It's ooeey-gooey chocolatey goodness. I didn't even make the vanilla glaze provided in the original as they didn't need it. These are definitely a chocolate roll, as opposed to a cinnamon roll (I'm still looking for the perfect recipe for that). I must warn you that this recipe makes a ton, at least two dozen. Half went in my freezer...and the other half were devoured in two days. Naturally, I used my breadmaker for the dough but the original recipe has directions to use your stand mixer. Enjoy!

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

1 cup milk
3 TBS butter, melted
3 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp kosher salt
1 large egg, slightly beaten
2 1/4 tsp rapid-rise yeast

3/4 cup light brown sugar
1 TBS ground cinnamon
1/2 stick butter, softened
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

In my breadmaker, I added the ingredients in the order listed. The egg was a little tricky since it's important for the yeast not to get wet. I just made sure that my mountain of flour that held the yeast was tidy. Set breadmaker to "dough" cycle.

Mix brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter.

Roll dough into 14×12 rectangle. Spread the butter mixture over it, leaving a half-inch border all the way around. Then evenly sprinkle in the chocolate chips. Roll up the dough lengthwise and cut it into ½-inch wide slices.

Cover rolls with a towel. Allow them to rise for at least one hour.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Bake for 20 minutes until they are golden brown.

Makes about two dozen rolls.


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