Saturday, October 22, 2011

Menu Planning! (Week 1)

Yes, I finally decided to start menu planning on my blog. For ideas on how to menu plan and more lists, make sure to check the Organizing Junkie's Menu Planning Monday. I don't know when I'll post this list each week, probably either Saturday or Sunday, so we'll see if I remember to link my list to her site. Anyway, I've made weekly lists of dishes to cook for some time, but for whatever reason never bothered to post my lists on my blog. Now with Pinterest, posting what I plan to cook should be a breeze. To obtain the recipe, click the picture which will take you to Pinterest, then click the picture again for the website where the recipe is found. Each week I'll probably include a couple favorites from my blog as well as new recipes from the web that I've been meaning to try. For recipes from my blog, I'll try to remember to hyperlink the title of the dish, as well.

Here's what we'll be eating this week, in no particular order:


1. Zucchini Cheese Soup

2. Butternut Squash Soup

3. Sandwiches/wraps (turkey w/cranberry sauce)

4. Salads (e.g. dried cherry with goat cheese, black bean w/chicken and cheddar)

5. Stuffed baked potato (bacon, sour cream, cheese)

Main Dishes

1. Unstuffed Pepper Skillet

2. Baked Apricot Chicken

3. Slowcooker Moroccan Chicken

4. Raviolis (from Sam's Club)

4. Penne w/mixed veggies

Other Things to Make

1. Chicken stock (with leftover bones, if I remember)

2. Muffin mixes

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