Saturday, October 29, 2011

Menu Planning (Week 2)

Happy Saturday! I'm a little bummed because while an early winter storm is crossing through the east this weekend carrying rain and snow, all we're seeing is RAIN. Folks just west of us have received quite a bit of snow, which just isn't fair.

Anyway, turning to the menu. Let's review last week's menu. From the list, I made chicken stock (about 12-14 cups worth), butternut squash soup, baked apricot chicken, unstuffed bell peppers, and slowcooker Moroccan Chicken. We also had turkey sandwiches, cherry and goat cheese salads, raviolis, and pasta w/mixed veggies. I didn't get around to making the zucchini cheese soup or muffin mixes so they will be carried to this week. Additionally, because they looked yummy, last night we had sweet and savory short ribs in the slowcooker with a baked sweet potato.

On the menu this week:

Main Dishes

1. Zucchini Cheese Soup (continued from last week)

2. Chicken Brown Rice Bake

3. Turkey Spinach Lasagna

4. Black Bean and Rice Burritos

5. Spaghetti and Meatballs

6. Ribs (using this rub and a bottled sauce I got while apple picking)

Other goodies:

1. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bars

2. Muffin Mixes

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