Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Plan for Week of October 15th

During the last week of August, I made a 30-day menu plan. It was more of a list of 30-some odd meals which relied on tried and true recipes and utilized what I had in my freezer. The intent was that each week I'd go through the list and select a week's worth of meals. Though I only posted the weekly menu three times, I more or less relied on this master list for about 6 weeks, which included leftovers and a few spontaneous dishes that weren't in the plan. All and all it was a decent success as I made at least 75% of the dishes listed. It was so handy to always have an idea as to what to make for dinner and a quick resource to make my shopping list. Plus, I cleaned out the vast majority of my freezer stash paving the way to restock with goodies for fall and winter.

It is my intent to make another 30-day list, however I don't really have the time at the moment. Thus, I'm going to share what I have so far for this week. Since last month relied heavily on familiar recipes, I will incorporate some of them, particularly with stuff that will likely stock the freezer for lunches, but also some new recipes that have been lurking on my Pinterest board waiting to be tried. You'll note that the list includes tons of chicken and a few meatless dishes. That's because we just returned from visiting my husband's parents where it's red meat, red meat, and red meat.

Here's what I'm thinking about for this week:

Monday - Slower Cooker Shoyu Chicken, broccoli, and brown rice

Tuesday - Indian Butter Chicken with naan (breadmaker) and zucchini

Wednesday - Roasted Veggie and Black Bean Burritos

Thursday - Baked Plum Chicken

Friday - Taco Salad, Nachos or Pizza

Saturday - Roast Chicken with Paprika and Shallots, mashed potatoes, and tossed salad

Sunday - Unstuffed Bell Peppers

I also want to make some Potato Cheddar Soup, French bread, and vanilla yogurt for lunches this week.

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