Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scrappy Quilted Potholders

Ever since I got my new sewing machine for Christmas (and even a few months before that), I've been sewing up a storm. Mostly home decor stuff and sadly I've been remiss about taking pictures, but I've been having a grand time. Did you know that a popular term for people who sew seems to be "sewist?" Not tailor, not seamstress, not sewer or even dressmaker. I found this interesting commentary in Threads Magazine and though there seems to be some controversy over the term among people who sew, it's definitely a ubiquitous word in the sewing community. I don't care much for it, however since I crochet, sew, and do papercrafts about the same based upon my crafting mood, it wouldn't much be fair to pick one. I do call myself a "scrappy hooker" in my profile blurb, but that just sounds cute. Anyway, back to the post at hand.

Since I've been sewing a fair bit and shopping for fabric even more (fabric is just as addictive as scrapbook paper!), I've accumulated a ton of scraps. This project put a few to good use. I got the idea and basic tutorial here, though I used both cotton batting and Insulbright to make them more protective where as she only uses batting. They're about 9" square.

 photo photo2.jpg

 photo photo4.jpg

 photo photo3.jpg

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