Friday, March 12, 2010

Grocery shopping + menu

Instead of going to the gym this morning, I hit the Jewel around 630 a.m. I learned a number of things. First, that hour is when every aisle in the store is being restocked. I literally had to climb over or maneuver around a dozen boxes and several clerks stocking shelves in both the baking and cereal aisles. I had a fairly long list this trip because I wanted to spend enough to use a $4 off coupon if you spent $40. I planned both a beef and a chicken dish, needed juice, wheat flour and a few other baking supplies, as well as my usual staples (milk, bananas, eggs). This is what all I got for $50.25:

1.5 lbs top round
1 lb chicken breasts
1/2 gal orange juice
1/2 gal cranberry-apple juice
dozen eggs
bacon (1 pkg)
10 oz pearl onions (sadly not frozen so I have to figure out how to peal them)
bag of 50/50 baby spinach/lettuce
16 oz mushrooms
2 - half gallons of Breyer's ice cream (one ff and the other 1/2 fat)
Jewel-brand chocolate Fiber One bars (they may even be called that ;)
whole wheat flour
ground flax meal
1 gal skim milk

This weekend, I plan to make:

Burger smothered with mushrooms and cheese - dinner tonight!
Beef Burgundy (Cooking Light Slowcooker Book)
Honey Oat Quickbread
Chicken with Dried Plums
Salad w/dried cherries + mushrooms

The above should keep me busy and provide plenty of leftovers for the coming week!

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