Friday, June 10, 2011

Neglected Cartridges

Updated 10-5-11

When I updated the list of my collection last week, I felt quite guilty to realize that there are a number of cartridges that I have never used or have failed to give the serious attention that they deserve. Although it could be worse--no cartridge is still in its packaging because I love pouring over the handbooks--I must make a decided effort to spread the love around, especially to cartridges that have a ton of potential to become awesome projects. I hope to permanently link this post somewhere on the main page and update it as I make progress. Below I've divided my neglected cartridges into two categories. "New/Unused" means that I've never cut a single image. "Neglected" simply means that I haven't used them as much as I would like.

1. Country Life
2. Preserves
3. 50 States
4. Mickey and Friends - As soon as I finish the Pooh pages, this will be used to complete my Disney trip album.
5. Better Together
6. Happy Hauntings - It's not too early to start preparing for Halloween, is it?
7. Best of Pixar - Like the Disney cartridges, I was a little intimidated by all the tiny pieces in this cart, but I know I can do it!
8. Cricut Lite - Yee Haw
9. Circut Lite - 9 Months
10. Locker Talk

1. My Community
2. Sesame Street Seasons - I cut a ton of snowflakes from this cart, but no characters yet.
3. Cricut Lite - Savory - This is a perfect compliment to From My Kitchen and Preserves
4. Cricut Lite - Carousel - This contains really fun amusement park images; I can't believe I haven't done a ton with it. (Updated 9/15 - I started making an album but quit after finishing only a couple of pages).
5. Pack Your Bags - I have cut a number of images from this cart, but have a ton of ideas and am dying to use it more.
6. Boys Will be Boys - Between this and Beep Beep, I'm set for toy vehicles
7. Stand and Salute - Big projects in the planning for this one
8. Happily Ever After - Like Sesame Street, I've cut loads of accessories, but not Disney images. Now that my skills have improved and I have my Cutterbee tweezers, I should be up for the challenge.
9. Cricut Lite - Block Party - I made a single bbq card last summer. Must make more this year!
10. Nifty Fifties - I have a ton of ideas for this cart, but just haven't made them happen yet.
11. Baby Steps - I'm in love with this cartridge and must, must, must make time for it soon!

I'm not going to count the cartridges that were freebies or came with a machine such as Potpourri, Indie Art, Tags, Bags, Boxes and More, and Printing Press. All of those I have neglected, but don't feel too guilty about because I didn't specifically purchase them. As for the others, particularly those on my New/Unused, I will do my best to pay some attention to them soon as their cuteness deserves it!

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