Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cricut cartridges--I think I have an addiction

I have six Cricut cartridges!!! Can you believe that I've only had my Cricut machine for a little over two weeks? I might have been late to the Cricut party, but I'm certainly going out of my way to make up for lost time. To be fair, one came with the machine and one was the gift, so I've only bought 4, all on sale at $39.99 or less.

Here they all are:

Last night I went to Michaels with some friends. Although I had a 60% off coupon for Cricut cartridges, it only applied to cartridges that were not on sale and regularly priced $69.99. As you may know, regular price for most Cricut cartridges is $89.99, so there was a limited selection and I wound up not using the coupon. cartridge was only $19.99!!! Paper Doll Dress Up is cartridge that's being retired, unfortunately. Possibly because it seemed to have a niche market--people with little kids. What most people may not known is that in addition to great outfits, it comes with terrific accessories like a wedding cake, old-fashioned car, dinosaur, red wagon, rocking horse, unicorn, pirate ship, castle, dragon, skeleton, city skyline, rocket ship, gingerbread man, a picket fence, and grass. Here's the back of the box:


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