Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Greeting Farm Collection


Just like my Cricut, which got me into obsessive paper crafting (rather than just once a year cards), the Greeting Farm got me into stamping. I am still far from an expert colorer and have dozens of stamps that have never graced the face of a project, but I love collecting them! Be sure to check out my wishlist, before you go.


Here's the list of my collection so far, colored pictures to come:

Anya and Ian
Fancy Anya - finally bought last week!
Flapper Anya
Fleur Anya
Flirty Anya
Hippie Anya
Oh Boy! Ian
Rain Snow Shine (teenage Anya) - just got this yesterday!
Rockstar Anya
My Guy Ian (teenage Ian) - just got this yesterday!
Rescue Ian
Rockstar Anya

Cheeky Cherry
Cheeky Rockabilly
Cheeky Mate

Oliver and Amelia Collections
OA Journey
OA - Just for You


Wish List
Cheeky Chat
Cheeky Cherry Pie
Cheeky Glamour (a Marilyn Monroe kind of gal)
Surfer Anya

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